Oscar Pistorius: sentencia de 5 años de cárcel por matar a su novia

Oscar Pistorius mató a su novia, la modelo Reeva Steenkamp, disparando a través de la puerta del cuarto de baño el pasado San Valentín. Asegura que creía que era un ladrón.

La pareja tenía antecedentes por violencia de género. La juez argumentó estos días de lectura de las conclusiones que pese a las dudas levantadas, no hay pruebas. Pistorius escuchó la sentencia sin inmutarse.

– Vea la noticia en vídeo:

Así era Reeva Steenkamp:
Reeva Steenkamp: así era la novia de Pistorius

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  1. Outlawteddy dice:

    I just saw a news story about this, and my reaction was that this was ptrtey much the OJ situation (star athlete abuses hot blond wife/ girlfriend, then probably kills her in a drug-induced rage), but the tone of the coverage is completely different, for obvious reasons.And actually the differences in the story were more favorable to OJ, no witnesses put him actually at the crime scene, people have advanced an plausible alternative explanation (drug cartels). No need to plant evidence in this case.

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  6. http://www./ dice:

    Ten years ago when most people were denying it I knew we'd have national "hate crimes" laws.Now people are sanguine we're civilized here and won't have Canada-style "hate speech laws" (such laws never follow the "rule of law" as TGGP defined it in the previous thread. Selective, Marcusian application is the *point* of such laws, as with "hate crimes" laws).We'll have them in a decade or less. By that time, the Supreme Court as it will be constituted will not strike them down, either.

  7. http://www./ dice:

    I’m cool with Lobes’ list. I *would* comment that Anne Rice herself saw Lestat as Rutger Hauer (until the reality distortion field that surrounds very large sums of money brought her to her senses).Of course, Risky Business and Top Gun were overrated but that isn’t Cruise’s fault. And he was awesome in A Few Good Men.

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